My Family

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These are my guys. My husband, our three year old (Big Brother), and our two year old (Little Brother). I hesitate to call us a ‘normal’ family, because i’m so aware of how different each family is, but we are a ‘normal’ family in the sense that the thing that binds us is love (and genes, I guess, but mostly love :).)

My husband and I met while I was receiving my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. He was there working on his masters degree in Engineering Physics, and ended up also receiving an MBA while there.

We met during a birthday party at a bar (a place that neither of us frequented because neither of us really drank). We sat on the front porch of the bar and talked the night away. At one point he was stuck in a ‘hoochie sandwich’ (you know, one of those awkward dancing situations where two women are groping the same man…super classy, especially when large amounts of alcohol are involved) and made direct eye contact with me. It was like he was begging for help. I thought he was the cutest and most interesting man I’d ever met.

Later that night he did the robot at me, and I fell in love. It didn’t really happen that quickly, but that evening was when I decided that I wanted to learn more about Mr. cute and interesting. We began dating quickly after, didn’t waste time falling in love, and got married within a year of becoming engaged.

We moved to Austin, TX, two days after getting married. My husband had a wonderful job opportunity at a tech company here. We just couldn’t pass up on the chance to live in the live music capital of the world. We’d heard that the food was out of this world, and we’d really enjoyed our short visit here when he interviewed for the job. All signs pointed to Austin, so this is where we landed.

I was miserable for our entire first year here. I begged my husband to move us back to the Southeast. I didn’t care that Austin had great music and fantastic food (both of these things hold up, by the way), I just wanted the mountains, or the beach, or pine trees. I just wanted familiar.

My husband, meanwhile, did everything in his power to help me find happiness. It was like he had two full-time jobs.

Learning to be married was hard for both of us. He had to learn to be a supportive husband to a very unhappy wife, and I had to learn that everything wasn’t about me. It was a tough year, but we made it! (This does not mean that our marriage is perfect now! We’re almost 6 years in and we are still learning about our roles as husband and wife. The key is that we WORK on it!)

In 2015 we had our first kid, Big Brother. He is such a special little dude. He loves hard. He has very high expectations of himself. He’s super careful. He is brilliant, and loves to learn. He is a lot like each of his parents. He thinks like his dad and feels like his mom (an extremely dangerous combination). We love him so much more than we ever thought we were capable of.

Little brother came along in 2016 (18 months after big brother arrived). He is a spunky, fearless, tornado of a boy. He is the spitting image of my husband, and he copies everything that Big Brother and daddy do. He loves to learn too! He is bold and bounces back quickly. Little Brother often surprises us. He knows way more than we are aware of, and he’ll occasionally spout off something super smart and unexpected. He’s a cuddle bug. We are in love with him, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Little sister will be joining us soon, but for now, that’s our whole crew. We’re weird. We’re busy. We’re messy. And we’re happy.