Meet Me Face to Face


I’ve created a YouTube Channel to go along with my blog! There will be much more content here, on my website, but I’ll upload videos occasionally.

I’ve learned that it’s much easier for me to sit in front of a screen and type words than it is for me to show you my face as I speak. There are probably several reasons for this, but I think the biggest one is that it’s easier to fake it when everything is written. So, these videos are somewhat self indulgent. I’m hoping to be more honest as a result of speaking instead of just writing. It seems like more accountability is found here for some reason. I think it’ll also be a fun challenge.

Anyhoo- this is an introduction to my channel and my blog. I hope you like it! (And I blink A LOT, so if that bothers you you may want to forgo the video 🙂 )


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