A Busy Mom’s Most Used Makeup Items

It’s no secret that I’m not an everyday makeup wearer. I wear makeup when I want to, and I’ve never really felt like I NEED it. (This doesn’t mean that I always feel like I look good, though ūüėā- just that I’m not convinced that the amount of makeup that I’m comfortable with really changes the way I look that much.)

I’m pretty comfortable with walking out of the house sporting my natural face, but when I want a little pick me up, or when I’m in the mood to be perceived as ‘having it all together’ I’ll take ten minutes or so to put on some momma-friendly makeup.

Makeup really does make a world of difference in how I feel! (Which should incentivize wearing it everyday, but it hasn’t yet.) When I’ve taken some alone time in the morning just to focus on my face, I can really sense myself being more confident throughout the day. I’d even argue that I’m in a better mood on days when I wear makeup (that I’m comfortable in). I’m not sure if it’s the power of the makeup or the fact that I’ve looked myself in the eye, and taken the time to care for myself first thing in the morning. Either way, the result is good!

There’s a huge difference between makeup that I’m comfortable in and makeup that makes me feel like a walking car wreck (you know, that ‘cant look away’ phenomenon. It’s so bad, but you just can’t look away…some makeup makes me feel like that.)

Things you might like to know about me before I share what’s in my makeup bag:

1. I have really dry skin

2. I’m generally found wearing neutrals or muted colors (muted neutrals are my sweet spot…grey, tan. I know, I know, so exciting.)

3. I have loads of freckles, and completely covering them up just feels weird. I still want my face to look like my face.

4. I don’t like the feeling of heavy makeup. I like for my face to breathe. We have pores for a reason, after all. So, I tend to go for more lightweight bases.

5. My boys touch my face a lot. This sounds weird, but it’s true. We’re a very touchy bunch, and one of our signature moves is the affectionate face hold. I don’t want that to stop because I’m wearing makeup, so I don’t generally wear anything that’s cream based.

6. I don’t have a night life, so I very rarely change up my makeup look from day to night. Let’s be honest, most nights I’m in bed by 9, and if we go on a date or I want a little more va va voom, I’ll just add a little eyeliner.

My makeup bag in all of it’s glory!

I bought this bag at a gift shop in Asheville, NC. It was made from an old table cloth, and it is super easy to wipe clean! I love the colors. It’s a perfectly cheery morning pick me up.

It’s contents:

This is what’s currently in my makeup bag. I own a couple of other foundations including¬†NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, and¬†Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. And I also own a couple of colorful¬†Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Palettes¬†for days when I’m feeling extra brave.

These are my tools. I generally buy the cheapest thing that gets the job done, but when I’m feeling particularly selective (or when I have a gift card to Ulta or Target), I’ll buy¬†Real Techniques¬†tools. I have a few of their brushes that are currently hiding in my bathroom (They’re dirty and I’m busy!!).

Believe it or not, all of this fits into my little makeup bag! I have a system for getting it all to fit, but when I do it right I can get it all in. I couldn’t add another thing to it if I tried.

Let’s break everything down a bit.



These are the things that I use on my face. I have been loving this¬†Cover FX Anti Aging Primer. It’s super moisturizing (which I need), and most foundations sit on top of it really beautifully. Using a primer with good ingredients allows me to spend significantly less on foundation, too!

My¬†Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation¬†has been my favorite one this summer. It doesn’t make my face look super dry, and it doesn’t completely cover my freckles. I’ve found that it provides a nice, light weight coverage. I’d say it’s a medium coverage foundation. It covers the red, but leaves the freckles. Win Win.

My contour and highlight palette is from¬†Smashbox. I use this to lightly contour my cheeks and forehead, and the ‘highlighter’ in the palette is not shimmery. It’s actually the perfect color to act as a setting powder for my pale skin! I don’t often use bronzer, but I like that this one isn’t shimmery.

My blush (the only blush I’ve ever used) is¬†Bobbi Brown’s Desert Rose¬†Blush. It complements my fair skin and freckles, and it applies evenly over foundation or powder. I like that it’s low maintenance because putting pink stuff on my face is a little terrifying to me!



My¬†Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette¬†is a little old…oops. It seems that it is no longer being sold, so I’ve linked their Ultimate Basics Palette. It looks like it contains all of these shades, plus a few others. I have loved this palette for a couple of years now. It is perfectly neutral, and I can use these shades for my brows and eyeliner too!

This¬†Precisely My Brow Pencil¬†from Benefit Cosmetics is great for filling in the scar on my eyebrow! It is thin enough to be precise, and my brows never look super overdrawn. If I want to kick it up a notch and actually ‘do’ my brows, this does that too. I can completely fill in my brows without them looking like sharpie lines on my forehead, and I feel super fancy.

I rarely wear eye liner, but when I do I tend to go for one that doesn’t move too much. This¬†Covergirl Perfect Point Plus¬†eye pencil works well for me. It doesn’t move too much, and I can smudge it right after I put it on for a less stark line.

This¬†NYX Doll Eye Mascara¬†was in my Christmas stocking. My husband said he went into Ulta and randomly picked it off of the shelf. It works well, doesn’t smudge or transfer, and it stays on for a while. When I first got it it was a little too wet for me, but over time it has dried out a bit, and I LOVE it!



Are you impressed? Don’t be too intimidated by my multi-step lip regimen.

Carmex Lip Balm¬†has always been my favorite. I probably have 5 tubes sitting around my house. My boys even love it! I apply this before I start doing the rest of my makeup. It is super moisturizing, and it makes my lips smooth enough to apply lipstick that doesn’t end up being crusty.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks¬†are my favorite. I have a few shades, but the one that lives in my makeup bag is “Sassy Mauve”. The formulation of this lipstick is smooth and creamy, but not shiny. It isn’t matte, but it definitely is not glossy. This shade is super close to the natural shade of my lips (when I’m well rested and hydrated), so I like to think that it complements my other coloring well.



This was last night after we ate dinner. The boys were playing on their new swing set with daddy, and I was laying in our hammock enjoying our gorgeous shade tree! My face has zero things on it, and I like it this way.




This is me this morning. It took me around ten minutes to apply my ‘full face’ of makeup. I don’t think that these two pictures are all that different, but I definitely have makeup on in this picture.

I’m the same LJ in both pictures. The makeup hasn’t changed anything on the inside, but I do feel more put together in the after picture. I’ve taken the time to pamper myself a little, and it feels good.

Now I need to go clean my makeup brushes! My boys have been shoving them up their noses. It’s hard to blog and mom at the same time.


2 thoughts on “A Busy Mom’s Most Used Makeup Items

  1. I don’t wear too much make up either unless I’m going out ill put on some lip stick and eye shadow to go along with some eye liner. I have very dry skin and now being an Avon representative I have found a regemin that is really working for me! There is more information regarding the different skin care products we have if your interested in checking them out on my website! By the way you look great with or without make up! http://www.youravon.com/akeane

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